For authors – Actual Security Problems in the Technosphere

For authors

1. Articles submitted by authors to the editorial office of the Journal must meet the following requirements:

2. Authors guarantee that the article they submit is the original work and they own exclusive copyright on it.

3. Responsibility of authors:

4. When submitting an article to the editorial board, the authors accept  the right of the Editorial Board:

5. For publication of scientific article authors send to e-mail the editorial office of the Journal ( manuscript of articles in the format «.docx» or «.rtf» and used in the article graphic (illustrative) materials in the form of separate files in the format «.tif», «.png» or «.jpg» with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

At the request of the authors, the materials may be accompanied by a review from a specialist of the relevant profile, who has a degree and is not an employee of one of the authors. The signature of the reviewer must be certified at the place of work of the reviewer. The presence of the review does not cancel the procedure of sending materials for review by the editorial board of the Journal.